.ECO Environmental Policy

Big Room – a certified B Corp – is the registry for the .ECO domain, the online home for the global environmental community. As an active member of the community, we are working to build a better internet and a better world.

Working with like-minded people and organizations, we can reduce waste, water and energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, we will seek opportunities to increase positive impacts for people and the planet.

We are committed to reporting biannually on our environmental impacts starting in 2017, and are currently in the process of becoming Climate Smart certified.


Policy: To limit our energy consumption, we

Impact measures: Energy consumption

Greenhouse gas emissions

Policy: To limit the greenhouse gas emissions that we create, we

Impact measures: CO2e emissions according GHG Protocol published by World Resources Institute and the World Business Council on Sustainable Development.


Policy: To limit the amount of garbage that goes to landfill, we

Impact measures: Waste to landfill, diversion rate for recyclable material


Policy: To encourage and support businesses that are part of the global environmental community we maintain a Supplier Policy outlining actions we undertake, including

Impact measures: Percentage of total purchases made from certified, local and small businesses.