Meet the .eco champions

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These companies, non-profits and people from around the world share our vision for a globally connected, online community committed to environmental sustainability. We're honoured to recognize their innovative spirit here.

AEM empowers communities and organizations to survive and thrive in the face of escalating environmental risks. By deploying sensing networks and delivering analytics, AEM is the essential source for environmental insights.

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Arbor makes it easy for any company to understand their carbon impact, using accurate and reliable data for the full supply chain.

business icon Business Canada designs ecological mattresses and beds using natural materials at reasonable prices. 3 trees are planted for each mattress sold.

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Boox is a certified B-corp that makes reusable packaging. Using Boox, you can easily return the packaging containing your order to be used again.

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Brightly is the #1 destination for people to discover new, eco-friendly brands and products. Brightly currently inspires millions of users every day to live sustainable lifestyles.

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Bumboo supplies sustainable, 100% bamboo toilet paper - and plant a tree for every box sold.

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Carbon Copy is a UK charity that inspires big-thinking local climate action to accelerate our progress towards a fairer, carbon zero future.

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Climate Action Resource Library (CARL) is helping every worker to become a climate champion by publishing action guides for each profession.

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CURRENT is a complete all-in-one solution for businesses looking to manage their EV charging infrastructure.

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Cycle is changing last mile delivery and reducing traffic-related CO2-emissions by making sure that thousands of bike couriers have a smooth, fast, and safe delivery experience every day.

business icon Business Germany catalogs and curates eco-fiction that explores environmental themes.

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Ducky develops digital tools to help people and organizations change their behaviors and reduce their carbon emissions footprint.

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Microplastics are polluting our streams, lakes, and oceans. ECOFARIO has developed a new process to significantly reduce the microplastic particles released into the environment.

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GECA (Global Environmental Choice Australia) is a globally trusted ecolabel that helps purchasers know that products and services are better for the environment.

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Shopping choices have a huge impact on how businesses treat people, the planet and animals. The Good On You app makes it easy for you to shop your values.

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Green Worx makes environmentally responsible cleaning products to households, businesses and industries across Africa.

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GRÜNBAG makes high-quality bags that last, using only durable, recycled materials to reduce future waste.

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Koala Eco makes safe, plant-based products for a clean home, body and mind made locally with Australian essential oils.

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Kusala produces artisanal soap with good karma made for a circular economy.

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Leap is a design studio that believes in designing with purpose and creating work that matters. As a B Corp, they create responsible solutions that exceed triple bottom line standards.

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MiCO, Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean, supports worldwide conservation efforts for migratory aquatic species like whales and dolphins, and the oceans on which they depend.

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Nuvola is a one-stop shop for buying zero-waste, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free beauty and skincare products.

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Pirkani is a fashion-forward label with a difference. With sustainability at our core, we’re on a mission to ethically produce contemporary British fashion with a minimalist design aesthetic.

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Preserve, a certified B Corporation, makes stylish, eco-friendly products for the home including reusable tableware, food storage, and personal care products, using 100% recycled plastic.

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SKOOT helps businesses and individuals reduce and remove their carbon footprint.

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Sustainable Agriculture Network is a global collaborative network helping farmers, workers, and rural communities thrive.

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Terrabyte is a green tech company focused on combining creativity and technology to provide solutions for the ongoing environmental crises.

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Tooth.Eco is on a mission to reduce plastic waste by providing the world's first toothbrush that is almost entirely plastic-free. Not only does this lower your carbon footprint but it also helps preserve our environment for future generations.

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zeroCO2 is a B Corp that helps individuals and companies mitigate the climate crisis by supporting reforestation projects that allow the sustainable development of entire farming communities living on reforested land.

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