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.eco is the top-level domain for anyone committed to positive change for our planet.

People want to be eco-friendly

With .eco, your customers will be recognized for the good work they do. A study by Nielsen research found that over half of global online consumers in 60 countries want products and services that are better for people and the planet.

A potent symbol for positive action, .eco is:

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Authentic: Created with the support of over 50 environmental organizations from around the world, .eco is the only domain extension backed by the environmental community.

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Trusted: More than just a domain name, the .eco System includes a .eco domain name, .eco profile and .eco Trustmark so your customers will be instantly recognized for the good work they do.

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Global: Understood around the world, the word "eco" means environment, so people know your customer is part of a worldwide movement committed to making positive change for the planet.

Selling .eco domains

Starting to sell .eco domains is simple. Get on board today.

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ICANN-accredited registrars: if you are interested in carrying .eco domains, we'd be happy to help you get set up. We have partnered with CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, to provide .eco registry services.

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Domain resellers: to offer .eco domains, please contact your reseller platform partner; .eco is already carried by most reseller platforms. If you are already selling .eco domains, please contact us about being listed as a retailer.

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