.eco Registry Lock

Protect your .eco domains using .eco Registry Lock

At the .eco registry we take security seriously. Customers of all types are increasingly looking for an additional layer of security to keep their brand protected. With .eco Registry Lock, we can support you in meeting this demand and keeping your clients’ .eco domains secure.

Secure & self-service

Your account managers have direct control over locking and unlocking domains at your client’s request.

There’s no need to contact the registry to complete the operation.

Your account managers will use individual user accounts to access the .eco portal, which is secured with multi-factor authentication.

Simple to configure

It’s simple to get started with .eco Registry Lock. Let us know that you want to get configured.

We will set up user accounts for designated team members and you’ll be ready to go.

We can provide basic training to get your team quickly up to speed.

Full transparency

All domain locking and unlocking operations are tracked and auditable.

Your team has visibility into the full history of who locked or unlocked a domain, when it transpired and the rationale for changing the lock status.

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