Registry policies


.eco is open to organizations, businesses and people committed to positive change for the planet

If you're wondering who qualifies for a .eco domain, we want you to know the .eco community is for anyone who commits to a respectful, responsible, and sustainable use of the environment.

Every .eco registrant is offered free membership in the .eco Community Organization, allowing them to join the community online. Our community includes:

not for profit icon


Not-for-profit mission-based organizations, both small and large, that work for the good of the planet.

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Businesses of all sizes committed to providing products and services that encourage positive environmental change.

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Government bodies that support sustainability through programs, infrastructure, and funding amongst other policies and actions.

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People who participate in and support environmental change.

The .eco community welcomes those that have been working toward positive change for years or even decades, as well as those who are ready to get started today.

Activate a .eco domain

After registering a .eco domain, registrants will be invited to create a .eco profile to activate their .eco domain. When creating their .eco profile, registrants will:


Take a simple pledge to show their commitment to the purpose and principles of .eco


Affirm their eligibility by sharing their eco actions and commitments

After activating their .eco profile, registrants can begin using their .eco domain. These requirements apply to all .eco domain names.

Policy documents