.eco Supplier Policy


Big Room, the .eco domain registry, is committed to maintaining a responsible supply chain for the goods and services that it procures. To achieve this goal, Big Room has identified three key criteria by which suppliers are evaluated:

These criteria are used to regularly evaluate both new and existing suppliers.

Supplier Review (June 2024)

In our annual supplier review, we consider all suppliers* that account for more than 1% of .eco’s total annual expenses and evaluate them against the three criteria defined above. For those existing suppliers that do not meet the criteria, we petition for additional information as to when they will be able to meet the criteria.

Supplier Sustainability policy Environmental certifications Climate commitment
Amazon AWS Sustainability at Amazon ISO 14001:2015 Net Zero by 2040
CIRA CIRA's commitment to the environment Green Business Benchmark - Gold Carbon neutral by 2024
Escode (NCC) Sustainability strategy Net zero by 2050
Inhabit B Corporation Net zero by 2035
Intercom Measures carbon footprint

* While all suppliers are included in the evaluation, we are only publishing the results for suppliers of goods used to support the .eco registry. For privacy and security reasons we will not publish our suppliers of legal, accounting, banking and other professional services.

Review and update of this policy

This policy is reviewed on an annual basis by the executive team and amended as necessary.