.eco for organizations

.eco is for non-profits, associations and community groups protecting our planet

Environmental activism is in our DNA. .eco was launched by a team of environmentalists in partnership with a consortium of leading environmental organizations that shaped the policies that make .eco what it is today.

If you are part of the environmental movement, come join the .eco community.

Leading organizations

Whether through regenerative agriculture, wetlands preservation, protecting marine life or raising awareness about the climate crisis, .eco non-profits are leading the way to a more sustainable planet.


Climate Action Resource Library (CARL) is helping every worker to become a climate champion by publishing action guides for each profession.

nonprofit icon Non-profit United States


Carbon Copy is a UK charity that inspires big-thinking local climate action to accelerate our progress towards a fairer, carbon zero future.

nonprofit icon Non-profit UK


MiCO, Migratory Connectivity in the Ocean, supports worldwide conservation efforts for migratory aquatic species like whales and dolphins, and the oceans on which they depend.

nonprofit icon Non-profit USA


Sustainable Agriculture Network is a global collaborative network helping farmers, workers, and rural communities thrive.

nonprofit icon Non-profit Costa Rica

UN Sustainable Development Goals

.eco is built in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals are a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. Every community member must identify the SDGs they are actively working on supporting.

United Nations Sustainable Development logo and colour wheel


Environmental certifications are at the heart of distinguishing between a good cause and greenwashing. When we launched .eco we were inspired by global standards to make .eco a clearly recognizable mark of environmental responsibility.

In turn, many certification organizations have joined the .eco community and are using .eco domains. Some of these global leaders include:

Good Environmental Choice Australia logo
Green Seal logo
Global Organic Textile Standard logo