What is .eco?

.eco is a dedicated domain name extension for businesses, organizations and individuals committed to positive change for the planet. It’s a trusted symbol of environmental action and a great way to show your customers and supporters that you care for the planet.

Since 2008, we’ve been working with the global environmental community to build .eco – an online home for businesses, non-profits and individuals working for an environmentally and socially sustainable world. Thanks to the backing of more than 50 organizations the .eco dream is now a reality.

Founded by two environmentalists, .eco is backed by organizations including Conservation International, United Nations Global Compact, NRDC, Greenpeace and World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, .eco is operated by Big Room Inc.

Who is behind .eco?

Over 50 leading environmental non-profit and intergovernmental organizations joined a coalition to advise on the policies for .eco. Some of the organizations behind .eco include:

WWF logo
United Nations Environment Programme
Ocean Conservancy logo
IUCN logo
Green Cross logo
Green Seal logo
Greenpeace logo
Conservation International logo