Why .eco?

.eco is a community-focused top-level domain dedicated to serving the global environmental movement.

4 reasons why .eco is different from other domains:

  • Community: we are a community top-level domain. .eco was founded in consultation with a consortium of leading environmental organizations and is fully focused on supporting the environmental movement.
  • Trust: .eco is exclusively for those working on positive change for our planet. This is why anyone who registers a .eco domain must create a .eco profile disclosing their environmental intentions and signing a pledge committing them to environmental action.
  • Transparency: the best way to counter greenwashing and disinformation is transparency. The .eco profile system is one way for members of the .eco community to be transparent about their actions. We try to lead by example by publishing how we’re making a difference.
  • Carbon neutral: we are dedicated to protecting our planet. That’s why we are one of the only carbon neutral domain registries. You can feel confident that the climate impact of managing your .eco domain is accounted for.

When you buy a .eco domain name, you get:

domain window icon

A .eco domain name to use for your website.

profile icon

Membership in the .eco community.

badge icon

A .eco profile for showcasing environmental actions.

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A .eco trustmark that affirms you are a .eco community member.

Join the .eco community

By registering a .eco domain and taking the .eco pledge, you will join the .eco community - a global village of over 6,000 like-minded environmentalist dedicated to making positive change for our planet.

Meet some of the members of the .eco community and check out the work that they're doing.


Cycle is changing last mile delivery and reducing traffic-related CO2-emissions by making sure that thousands of bike couriers have a smooth, fast, and safe delivery experience every day.

business icon Business Germany


zeroCO2 is a B Corp that helps individuals and companies mitigate the climate crisis by supporting reforestation projects that allow the sustainable development of entire farming communities living on reforested land.

business icon Business Italy


Pirkani is a fashion-forward label with a difference. With sustainability at our core, we’re on a mission to ethically produce contemporary British fashion with a minimalist design aesthetic.

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Tooth.Eco is on a mission to reduce plastic waste by providing the world's first toothbrush that is almost entirely plastic-free. Not only does this lower your carbon footprint but it also helps preserve our environment for future generations.

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Brightly is the #1 destination for people to discover new, eco-friendly brands and products. Brightly currently inspires millions of users every day to live sustainable lifestyles.

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Shopping choices have a huge impact on how businesses treat people, the planet and animals. The Good On You app makes it easy for you to shop your values.

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