About .eco

.eco showcases your environmental actions and commitments to millions of people around the world who care about the planet.

When you buy a .eco domain name, you get:

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A .eco domain name to use for your web site.

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A .eco profile for showcasing environmental actions.

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A .eco trustmark that links to your .eco profile. It affirms you are a legitimate .eco community member.

Combined, these three elements make up the .eco profile system, a searchable directory of businesses, organizations and people committed to positive change for the planet.

Declare and share with a .eco profile

After registering your .eco domain, you’ll take a pledge to support positive change for the planet and promise to be truthful when sharing environmental actions. Then, with a few simple steps, you’ll create your .eco profile and tell the world about your environmental actions. You can also share your certifications and memberships and plans you have for future actions.

Once you’ve finished creating your .eco profile, you can start using your .eco domain!


zeroCO2 is a B Corp that helps individuals and companies mitigate the climate crisis by supporting reforestation projects that allow the sustainable development of entire farming communities living on reforested land.

business icon Business Italy


Brightly is the #1 destination for people to discover new, eco-friendly brands and products. Brightly currently inspires millions of users every day to live sustainable lifestyles.

business icon Business USA


Carbon Copy is a UK charity that inspires big-thinking local climate action to accelerate our progress towards a fairer, carbon zero future.

nonprofit icon Non-profit UK


Dragonfly.eco catalogs and curates eco-fiction that explores environmental themes.

individual icon Individual Canada


Ducky develops digital tools to help people and organizations change their behaviors and reduce their carbon emissions footprint.

business icon Business Norway


Nuvola is a one-stop shop for buying zero-waste, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free beauty and skincare products.

business icon Business Switzerland