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Looking for ways to take climate action at work? CARL is helping every worker become a climate champion!

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We spoke with the founding team of CARL (Climate Action Resource Library) about how workers can take climate action through their jobs.

Tell us a bit about CARL? What is it and why did you set it up?

CARL is a website that empowers people to make their jobs more sustainable. We collaborate with workers and sustainability professionals to create climate action resources that are job-specific and realistic. In the future, we will have programming and events to support a community of workers taking climate action.

CARL grew out of our desire to do something more about the climate crisis. Each of us on the team has found ways to take climate action in our regular workplaces: from starting green teams to switching to solar power to waste diversion initiatives. We have found it to be positive for the environment and for our careers. We want to help others do the same.

Our hope is that workers at all levels and industries can use their power and influence to transform our economy into a sustainable system for future generations.

What’s your advice for someone looking to take climate action in their professional life? How can CARL help?

First, we’re excited that you’re bringing climate action into the workplace! Welcome to the club!

Second, we recommend finding a coworker or a colleague who also cares about climate. It’s helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to stay accountable to.

Third, find out which climate actions are relevant to your work. See if CARL has any resources for your job function. If not, try searching online for “climate action [your job]” or “sustainability [your job]”.

In general, you’re trying to find ways to reduce electricity use, fuel consumption, material/supplies use, waste, and pollution. Select an action that is feasible (that is, it’s part of your job and won’t get you in trouble) and meaningful to you. We recommend starting with small changes. Go for easy wins to gain momentum.

For example, if you’re a web designer, you could follow sustainable web design practices like setting a page weight budget. Or if you’re a delivery person, you could practice fuel-efficient driving techniques.

If you’re not finding information that’s a good fit, email us! We can brainstorm with you and write a guide for others in your profession.

What are your future plans for CARL?

Right now we’re developing job-specific climate action guides for the most common jobs in the United States. After that, our next step is to start spreading the word and building a community. We want people to use CARL as a place to exchange ideas with other workers and get support if they need it.

How can members of the .eco community help support CARL?

Please check out the site and share it with your colleagues who are concerned about climate change. We’re also looking for contributors and we’re open to suggestions. You can reach us at

What’s the story behind selecting your .eco domain?

The .eco domain is a great match for our mission. It immediately tells people that CARL is environmentally-focused. We were really excited to find out that was available and that we didn’t have to use an abbreviated or mispelled version of 😁.

It’s also great that the .eco actually means something. All .eco sites need to share their sustainability commitments and pledge to take environmental action. We are proud to have a .eco domain and are looking forward to learning from the rest of the community!

What do you enjoy about working on CARL & climate?

Working on CARL and climate has been incredibly enriching. We get to meet people who care deeply about building community and creating a better future. Together, we imagine different ways of working together and try them out. It’s very hopeful! Once you start looking for ways to be more sustainable at work, you’ll start seeing the potential for climate action everywhere!

Team CARL: Melissa Hsiung, Josh Herrig, Shruti Chander, Saba Gebreamlak

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