.eco partners with the Brand Safety Alliance

We have partnered with the Brand Safety Alliance to support GlobalBlock for .eco domains. Brand holders can work with supported registrars and resellers to ensure that their brand is protected within the .eco namespace.

For domain registries, we have an extensible, hosted solution that can help you quickly get your extensions integrated with GlobalBlock. Contact us to learn more.


If you are looking to protect your brand, please contact your preferred domain retailer about GlobalBlock. Here are the retailers accredited by BSA.

Registrars & resellers

If you are already accredited by BSA, please let your clients know that their brand can be protected in .eco.

If you are not yet an accredited agent, please contact the BSA.


We provide a BSA integration solution for domain registries. If you are looking for help integrating with the BSA gateway, please contact us. Our approved and extensible solution can get you integrated quickly.