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This page provides .eco-related marketing and communication resources for registrars. As a registrar, you’re free to use and modify of any of the resources on this page in your promotion of .eco.

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About .eco

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.eco is a new web address ending for anyone committed to positive change for the planet.

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.eco is a new web address ending—known as a top-level domain—for anyone committed to positive change for the planet. .eco web addresses are available to any business, government, non-profit or individual working toward a sustainable future.

The .eco domain is backed by more than 50 environmental organizations including Conservation International, United Nations Global Compact and WWF and is a trusted symbol for the environmental community.

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Show your good side with .eco

.eco is the new web address ending for businesses, governments, non-profits and individuals committed to positive change for the planet. Instantly recognized around the globe, it’s a trusted symbol for those working toward a sustainable future.

Whether it’s a campaign to protect a special place in the world, the launch of a new business or product or a new address for an existing online presence, .eco helps organizations and companies get recognition for the good work they do.

.eco’s global launch is on April 25. Learn more at

Frequently asked questions about .eco

The following are answers to the most frequently-asked questions about .eco. It can be helpful to include these on .eco-related pages on your site.

Who is using .eco?

Companies, non-profits, individuals and governments from all over the world who are committed to positive change for the planet. From independent environmental consultants to national brands, .eco is being used as an emblem for a sustainable future.

Can I get a .eco domain?

Yes, you can. If you care about the planet, this is the best way for you to show it. This new ending for your web address is open to anyone committed to positive change for the planet.

To register and activate a .eco domain name, you need to make a commitment to environmental action. This simple pledge ensures that .eco endures as a trusted symbol for those working toward a sustainable future.

Why should I buy a .eco domain name?

Your domain name should tell a story about you. You put it in your email, on your brochure and your business card. What story does it tell? Are you proud to be a dot-whatever? Just like your work on the environment, a domain name can be something you’re proud of.

The new .eco domain is a simple way to show you care about the planet and to connect with others who share your values.

Videos about .eco

We currently offer this overview video that provides a quick introduction to .eco:

Social media resources

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Other downloadables

The following resources may be helpful in promoting .eco to your audiences:

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Logos and brand guidelines

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About .eco

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Creating Trust with .eco

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About the .eco system

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.eco Activation Overview

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