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We are B Corp certified!

We’re excited to announce that Big Room, the company behind .eco, has just recertified as a B Corporation.

B Corp and Big Room logos

This renewal is the culmination of 9 months of work completing the certification process - just in time for Earth Month and .eco’s 7th birthday.

We originally certified in 2010. At that time, we were one of the first Certified B Corporations in Canada. We believe that the B Corporation 5 Impact Area Pillars (Workers, Environment, Governance, Customers and Community) are well-aligned with principles of .eco. We felt strongly that the .eco registry should lead by example and demonstrate how we are trying to live by those values.

Graphic showing the 5 B Corp Impact Areas: Workers, Environment, Governance, Customers and Community

Obtaining and maintaining B Corp certification is a pretty thorough and rigorous process. We did not have the capacity to renew the certification in 2018, but last year we set a goal to restore our B Corp certification. That work is now complete.

With this recertification, we achieved a score of 92.5. This is quite a bit higher than our 2013 certification score of 82.4. Our score was boosted as we were recognized as being “Mission Locked”, a company working to create a positive outcome for its stakeholders, and having a focus on Environmental Education & Information. This score is a baseline for us to continue to improve against as we go through future recertifications.

Overall B Impact Score for Big Room Inc is 92.5

We are proud to join the other members of the .eco community who are currently Certified B Corporations. We are happy to highlight our B Corp certification on our website and our .eco profile.

We are looking forward to learning from the community of other B Corps. And we will continue sharing what we’ve learned about being a B Corp. If you want to find out more, let's connect.