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.eco recertified as carbon neutral

.eco has been certified as carbon neutral under PAS 2060 for the second year in a row. Any greenhouse gas emissions associated with the .eco top-level domain are accounted for and offset accordingly.

Powder snow at Silverstar, BC

Recertifying as carbon neutral

We have renewed our commitment to climate action by recertifying under PAS 2060 for our 2023 fiscal year. We worked again with the fantastic team at to validate our carbon footprint and meet the requirements of the PAS2060 certification.

Under PAS2060, an organization can claim to be carbon neutral if:

Here is the full Carbon Neutrality Report prepared by Inhabit.

Carbon offsets from

The estimated greenhouse gas footprint of the .eco registry over the 2023 fiscal year was 4.24 tCO2e. This is a 3.68% reduction from our 2022 emissions – slightly short of the 4% reduction target that we had established for ourselves.

To offset those emissions, we worked with another awesome member of the .eco community and a Top 5% B Corp, to obtain the necessary carbon credits. We invested in a Gold Standard wind energy project in India to cover 10 metric tonnes of CO2e. Gold Standard is a global standard for certifying high quality carbon reduction and removal projects. These credits cover more than twice our estimated emissions.

Where next? Net zero and beyond!

The 2015 Paris Agreement committed countries to reach net zero before 2050 to keep the average rise in global temperature below 1.5°C preventing the worst effects of climate change.

Net zero means that we are removing as much greenhouse gases (GHGs) from the atmosphere as we are emitting in order to stabilize our impact on the climate.

While the terms “carbon neutral” and “net zero” are often used interchangeably, there are some key differences. Net zero is:

For organizations that are aiming to reach net zero, the Science-based Targets initiative (SBTi) has become the standard bearer. SBTi is a collaboration between the CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to help companies set science-based net zero targets.

The next step in the climate action journey for .eco is to register our net zero targets with SBTi. We should have more to share on this in the upcoming months.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you about your own climate action journey. We’re happy to share your story with the rest of the .eco community.