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How many .eco domains are using eco-friendly web hosting?

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Recently, we wrote a feature about the Green Web Check from the Green Web Foundation. Green Web Check is a quick and easy-to-use tool that checks to see if a given website is using an eco-friendly web host. It looks up the website’s IP address in a database of data centers that are powered using 100% renewable electricity or where their providers have offset their greenhouse gas emissions.

We went ahead and looked up all active .eco websites using Green Web Check to see how many .eco domains are using eco-friendly web hosts. In this post, we’ll share the results. Also, we commit to regularly re-running this analysis, so check back here for the latest data.

The results

Over 1,900 .eco community members are hosting their websites on eco-friendly web hosts That represents 33.5% of active .eco websites. If you’re keen to see the raw data, here’s a list of all .eco websites included in the analysis.

Presently, 33.5% of .eco websites use eco-friendly hosting.

.eco domains currently use over 90 different eco-friendly web hosts. Here are the top 10 eco-friendly hosting providers with the largest number of .eco domains:

Hosting provider % of eco-friendly websites
Cloudflare 22%
OVH 17%
Google 17%
Amazon AWS 10%
Hetzer 5%
IONOS (United Domains) 3%
Infomaniak 2%
Microsoft Azure 2%
Dreamhost 1% 1%

Note that this represents only the hosting providers that are currently registered in the Green Web Check database.

What’s next

If you’ve already registered a .eco domain and joined the .eco community you can run Green Web Check against your website. If your website is using eco-friendly hosting, you can add a badge to your .eco profile attesting that (this article explains how). If not, there are a range of eco-friendly hosts that you could consider instead.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly host, check out our post on eco-friendly .eco domain retailers - they also offer web hosting services.

And if you’re a .eco domain retailer or an eco-friendly web host not listed in the Green Web Check database, you can register with the Green Web Foundation along with proof of your sustainability claims.

We fully subscribe to the goals of the Green Web Foundation to reaching a fossil-fuel free Internet by 2030 and we believe that the .eco community can lead the way with this as the largest community of eco-friendly websites on the planet.