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Ecolabel Spotlight: Green Web Check

Show that your website is eco-friendly using the Green Web Check badge on your site and .eco profile.

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With climate change top of mind for so many of us in the .eco community, it is important to know that the websites that we build and maintain are not contributing to this problem. Websites run on servers in data centers that require significant electrical loads to run. Understanding how that electricity is generated and whether it is produced using renewable energy is key to evaluating your website’s climate impact.

We recently wrote about how to check if your website is eco-friendly. One easy test you can run is to use Green Web Check from the Green Web Foundation to see if your website is powered with 100% renewable energy.

This article spotlights the work of the Green Web Foundation and how you can use your .eco profile to showcase that your website is eco-friendly.

About the Green Web Foundation

The Green Web Foundation was established with the mission of helping to move to a fossil-free Internet by 2030. This is a powerful goal and one that we here at .eco stand firmly behind and are doing our part to support.

To achieve this aim, the Green Web Foundation has built the world’s largest database tracking which parts of the internet run on renewable power. This data makes it possible to see if a given website is running on renewable energy by comparing it to the list of eco-friendly web hosts in the database.

One of the tools developed by the Green Web Foundation, Green Web Check, does exactly this. By entering the URL of your website, the tool will tell you if your site is powered with renewable energy.

The Green Web Check also supplies a badge that you can add to your website to showcase that it runs sustainably.

Green Web Check badge

Green Web Check and

We have added Green Web Check as a certification that you can add to your .eco profile. If your website is hosted sustainably, just edit your .eco profile and add this certification. You can edit the URL field to point to the Green Web Check results page for your domain (ie.<your domain>.eco).

Adding Green Web Check to .eco profile

You can see an example of a .eco profile with the Green Web Check badge here.

What you can do

  1. Go to Green Web Check and enter your .eco domain
  2. If your website is not using an eco-friendly host, consider switching to a hosting provider that uses renewable power. We have a few .eco retailers that you could consider.
  3. If your website is eco-friendly, you can add the Green Web Foundation badge to the page footer or to your sustainability policy.
  4. You can also add the badge to your .eco profile by following the steps above.

Let’s work together to support the Green Web Foundation in its mission of moving to a fossil-free Internet by 2030. With .eco being the home of the environmental community online, we should be the largest community of fossil-free websites as well.