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Auditing our carbon footprint

Validating the carbon emissions of the .eco domain registry

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Earlier this year, we made a commitment to climate action and a pledge to make .eco the world’s first carbon neutral top-level domain. We have been working on measuring our carbon footprint based on industry recommendations. So far our impact has largely been self-assessed. We wanted to engage an external expert and auditor to validate our calculations, make sure that we weren’t missing anything and confirm that our claims were valid.

After speaking with a few auditors, we have engaged to validate our carbon footprint and our aim to be the world’s first carbon neutral domain registry. Inhabit is a UK-based firm that helps small-to-medium sized digital companies decarbonize by measuring and assessing their carbon footprint and providing strategic carbon reduction guidance. They have experience assessing companies as large as IKEA down to digital agencies like Wholegrain Digital. And they are also a member of the .eco community, which is icing on the cake!

Inhabit is helping us ensure that our calculations are inline with ISO 14064, the international standard for greenhouse gas accounting. They are also guiding us in achieving PAS 2060, a standard put forth by the British Standards Institution (BSI) for defining carbon neutrality.

What's next?

Once we have completed the validation work, we will be publishing an impact report. This should be released in the next few weeks with more details about the assessment. Inhabit is also guiding us in selecting a portfolio of high-quality projects to purchase carbon offsets from. We will share more information about the selected projects here, so stay tuned for details.

If you are a member of the .eco community who is also on a journey to understand and reduce your climate impact, we’d love to hear from you and learn about the challenges you're facing. As always, we can be reached at