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How a fashion documentary used .eco with Squarespace

The global fashion industry is now worth over $2.4 trillion

Warehouse with discarded textiles

How do you use Squarespace to connect with consumers to tell the story of the environmental risks of fashion? How do we highlight the leaders who can change this industry for the better? Documentaries tell the story Tweets can’t. In an over-informed world, film can cut through the noise and really change opinions. That’s What River Blue has been doing.

Roger Williams, David Mcilvride and Mark Angelo have been winning awards at documentary film festivals around the world for shining a light on how our demand for clothing is polluting some of the world’s most important rivers.

The next step for River Blue was distribution. They needed a “one stop shop” to drive all of the awareness they are generating towards.

They chose: as that go-to home, because:

  1. It embeds a call to action in the URL
  2. The .eco ending makes the environmental focus clear

River Blue is a documentary, so their primary goal is to get people to watch their film. River Blue knew they needed to keep it simple.

Using — Squarespace and Namecheap — they pulled together a simple template with a preview of the film and their core channels in under a day.

Here’s how to copy River Blue:

Step 1: Register a .eco domain — you can search for .eco names at

Step 2: Update your social media and email accounts to your .eco domain so they market your new online home.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, fashion designer, photographer or just a creative side-hustler, .eco works with Squarespace to help you get the word out.

Get in touch with us when you’re live. We can share your story with the .eco community.