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.eco DNS: Boosting Resilience

An additional, independent authoritative DNS cloud is now available for querying .eco domains.

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The domain name system (DNS) is a fundamental part of the fabric of the Internet. It’s how visitors to your .eco domain are able to access your website.

Keeping the .eco DNS operating reliably is paramount for us. Like with any complex system, sometimes things can go wrong – network congestion, misconfiguration, or even bad actors can affect the DNS. The impact of an outage can be significant. Fortunately, the DNS is highly resilient and getting more so all the time.

To support DNS queries for .eco domains, our registry system partner, CIRA, maintains clusters of authoritative domain name servers (DNS) running close to major hubs of Internet activity all around the world. These DNS clusters are organized into two redundant and independent DNS clouds ( and, each referenced by a separate anycast IP address. The system is designed to gracefully handle data center outages or loss of regional network connectivity.

We are happy to announce an additional authoritative DNS cloud for .eco ( This new cloud leverages the DNS infrastructure of a third party provider to further enhance the resiliency and performance of DNS lookups for .eco domains. It provides greater redundancy in virtue of bringing an independent operator into the mix. And it should enhance lookup performance for visitors in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.

At .eco, we’re always looking at ways that we can strengthen the .eco domain – and the .eco community. If you have questions or suggestions about how we can better support you, please let us know.