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Ecolabel Spotlight: Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral is the latest ecolabel to be added to .eco

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As the community of environmental certifications and ecolabels continues to evolve and expand, we regularly add new certifications to the list of over 450 certifications supported by the .eco profile system and on our sister site Ecolabel Index. Climate Neutral is the latest to be added.

What is Climate Neutral?

With the growing risk of disastrous climate change, more and more companies and organizations are looking to reduce their environmental impact by taking stock of their carbon emissions and moving towards carbon neutrality.

Becoming carbon neutral means that an entity has either reduced their greenhouse gas emissions to zero or is fully offsetting those emissions. Emissions can be offset by purchasing carbon credits or directly investing in projects that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, such as tree planting or habitat restoration.

Climate Neutral is a relatively new certification that helps organizations build a plan to achieve carbon neutrality. By measuring their carbon emissions and then by taking steps to reduce them or purchasing the requisite offsets, organizations can achieve carbon neutrality and the associated certification.

Climate Neutral and the .eco Community

Members of the .eco community, such as consumer advice site, and sustainable packaging company, have become Climate Neutral Certified. Both companies have written articles about their experiences:

Other members of the .eco community are sure to follow.

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For .Eco community members, you can now display your Climate Neutral certification directly on your .eco profile page to highlight your achievement.

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If you are working toward carbon neutrality and have joined or are planning to join the .eco community, let us know. We would be happy to help share your story with the community.