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The goal of this Slack community is to provide a forum for members of the .eco community to meet and interact. As a community top-level domain, we operate for and on behalf of the global environmental community. This Slack community is also an opportunity for you, as a member of the .eco community, to help guide and shape the operation of the .eco top-level domain.

Joining the community

To join the Slack community, you need a sign up link. If you subscribe to the quarterly .eco community newsletter, we include a sign up link there. If you haven’t received the newsletter and would like to join, you can also find the signup link on your account page on

You can access the community on Slack either via the web interface that runs in your browser or by downloading the client for your operating system.

Getting started with the community

Once you have joined the community, we recommend customizing your Slack profile. You can upload a photo, your title and organizer you belong to and a link to your .eco website.

Once you’re done, come into the #say-hi channel and introduce yourself to the rest of the community. Please warmly welcome other members when they come and say hi.

You will have been added to a few channels by default. There are a number of pre-existing channels that you can also join if the topic is of interest to you. If you create a new channel to discuss a specific topic, you can announce in the #general channel. Aside from announcements, please keep conversations out of the #general channel and in a topic-specific channel or in #random.

Code of Conduct

The community is bound by a Code of Conduct. Please review these terms and help keep this community a friendly, welcoming and inclusive space.

Preferred behavior

Unacceptable behavior


If you encounter content that is objectionable and is in violation of the Code of Conduct, please raise it with the community moderator: Owen Rogers (@owen). We will investigate and take necessary remedial action.