Democratizing Renewable Energy, One Generator at a Time.

Necessity is often the mother of invention. And so the idea for Portable Electric came to Mark Rabin when he was the volunteer power coordinator for the Great Climate Race. He couldn’t very well electrify a 10K run whose goal is climate change awareness with gas or diesel generators. He searched for alternatives but came up empty.

There were simply no rental industrial-grade renewable power systems out there. Instead, he cobbled together a home-baked solution that ran pollution-free on clean energy.

Mark’s home-brew system was the inspiration for his two-year-old company, Portable Electric, and its popular VOLTstack generators. Mark’s company rents and sells VOLTstack generators as a clean alternative to the typical, noisy generator powered by fossil fuels.

The generators come in various sizes, from a 2-kilowatt unit appropriate for a wedding DJ or band, to the 13-kilowatt trailer, which can power a medium-sized festival stage all day. The trailer has become increasingly popular with film crews, who often receive complaints about the noise and pollution from conventional generators.

Portable Electric recently rebranded the VOLTstack product line and chose to host the site on a .eco domain. “We recently rebranded our product line, and had a really nice ring to it. It made sense to align the company’s values with the domain’s values.”

“With all the support and weight behind the .eco brand, I can definitely see .eco becoming as prominent as .com for environmental sustainability and green industries that are proliferating around the world,” said Mark Rabin, CEO of Portable Electric and a .eco user. “The fact that .eco is verified signals to the marketplace that we’re a legitimate operation. We’re not just trying to pawn our business off in a green fashion. What we’re doing is actually taking the steps and putting our money where our mouth is.

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