The current phase of the domain grants program is now complete.

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Introducing .eco, a new top-level domain created by and for the environmental community.

In late 2016, .eco gave away hundreds of domains to environmental non-profits. Granting .eco domains to non-profits is a way to acknowledge their important role in endorsing the .eco domain and helping us create this new online home for the environmental community.

Phase one of the .eco domain granting program is now closed. Subscribe to the .eco newsletter to be notified about future grant programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's behind .eco?

.eco is a community-led domain and the only mission-based, impact-focused new top-level domain endorsed by WWF, Greenpeace, Conservation International and over 50 other organizations with environmental mandates. See who's on the .eco council.

Who can apply for a .eco domain?

Unlike other top-level domains, .eco will ONLY be available to organizations, businesses and people committed to positive change for the planet. Every .eco domain applicant must pass a validation check before being granted their domain name of choice. With this validation process in place, .eco is a trusted, verified symbol for you and others working on environmental issues.

What is a .eco domain grant?

Periodically, .eco provides a limited number of free .eco domain names to environmental non-profits and government institutions. The first granting period finished in December, 2016, ahead of the .eco public launch in April 2017.

Who can apply for a .eco grant?

When the domain granting program is active, it’s typically open to any environmental NGO, non-profit or government for whom environmental protection is a central mandate. You can also apply if your organization is a member of a recognized coalition with an environmental mission.

How will you make sure that organizations, businesses and people with .eco domains are really doing environmental work?

By working with the environmental community. The Community Council spent over two years developing the ".eco System". Combined with clear rules and a "take-down" process, this approach will keep .eco working for the environmental community. Learn more about the .eco policy development process.

What criteria does .eco use to award domain grants?

The criteria .eco uses to award domain grants are:

  1. You are a nonprofit or charity.
  2. Relevance of the proposal. When a user visits a granted .eco domain, the site content is relevant to the granted domain and supports your organization's purpose and environmental mission.
  3. Scope. Your project has reach and impact aligned with the organization's goals.
  4. Diversity. It is important to us that the cohort of .eco domain grant recipients be geographically and culturally diverse and represent a variety of environmental issue areas.
  5. Where there are multiple strong applications for the same name, governments will be granted the domain first, followed by a non-profit. Oldest non-profits, by founding date, will be offered the name before newly-founded organizations.

Where there are multiple strong applications for the same name, governments will be granted the domain first, followed by a non-profit. Oldest non-profits, by founding date, will be offered the name before newly-founded organizations. Learn more about these policy guidelines designed by the .eco council.

How do I find out if my organization received a domain grant?

The initial phase of applications for domain grants closed mid-December 2016 and grants were awarded in late December 2016. Future grant programs will be announced here.

When can I use my .eco domain grant?

If you received a domain grant in Phase 1 (October-December 2016), you can start using your domain in May 2017.

Will I be able to run a .eco domain and another web domain name at the same time?

Yes. Having a .eco name doesn't mean you have to give up your other sites. It can be used for a specific campaign, or be a place for a particular project.

Do I get to keep my granted .eco domain name forever?

Approved .eco keyword grants remain in the pool of environmental community grant names forever. Phase 1 (October - December 2016) grantees will have 12 months from May 1, 2017 to launch something on their .eco domain name.
As long as names are being actively used, there is no limit on the duration of the grant. If your grant name is not in use inside the 12-month activation window, we'll be in touch to discuss a plan for your use of the granted domain name(s) or for returning them to the community. In other words, if you're actively using your .eco domain, it's yours forever. If you stop using your granted .eco domain, it will be returned to the pool of grant names so that other non-profits can apply to use it.

How will .eco give back to the environmental community?

We plan to create independent foundation that will allocate a portion of the sales of .eco names to help the environment. Environmental groups will play a key role in ensuring that .eco funds are responsibly distributed. You can also read more about our history and commitment to the environmental community.