Why Get a .eco Domain?

Eco-friendly is good for the planet and good for your organization

Why choose an eco domain? It’s the only URL that shows you care.

dot eco domain entrepreneurs business

For Entrepreneurs


.eco offers premiere access to short, meaningful terms for your idea.

It uses the same secure, stable platform that powers the “.org” extension.

eco domain marketing

For Marketers


Is your URL on brand? Will it connect with your community?

The .eco domain does both – with every email and for each visitor.

All .eco members get access to insights on marketing and operating a green business.

advocate non-profit ngo groups environmental eco domain

For Advocates


Almost all environmental campaigns are digital. 

Whether it’s email, social, or web your online identity is key.

The .eco URL is the most trusted home for your campaign or nonprofit.

Every domain comes with a free badge and profile page.



The team behind .eco works with leading environmental groups to invest in and grow .eco brand value.



The .eco domain runs on secure, redundant systems that support over 20 million domain names across the globe.



The world’s largest companies, including Google and Tesla, have chosen .eco domains.

Thousands of businesses in over 120 countries trust .eco for their brands.