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A New Internet Extension For Eco-Conscious Companies

Attention eco-conscious entrepreneurs: There’s a new Internet extension for you and a way to underscore your environmental bona fides.

Available to any business, government, nonprofit or individual focused on sustainability, the extension, called .eco. is supervised by Big Room, which also runs Ecolabel Index, a directory of labels and certifications denoting eco-friendly practices.

Care About The Environment? Get Yourself A Fancy New .Eco Website

A new set of web addresses for causes and businesses working on environmental issues.

Sustainable Brands Find New Domain

Dot com. Dot gov. Dot org. Over the years, those three little letters at the end of a URL have become powerful signifiers, cemented in our digital consciousness, of whether an operation is positioning itself as a nonprofit, a goverment organization, or straight up online business.

Now, there’s a brand new web address eager to send a tiny, but powerful, message to those committed to positive change for the planet.

Forget the Dot Com Era, It’s Time for Dot Eco

The ‘.eco’ top-level domain is here, and its creators say they will funnel proceeds to environmental projects.

How .eco domain was won: Meet the Vancouver team behind the internet’s new green turf

In the high-stakes world of internet domains, .eco was a dream green prize — and is now finally going online