Finding The Best .eco Name
For Your Brand, Company or Non Profit


Check to see if the name you want is still available. 


Start using your .eco domain today.  It works with all your favorite tools and platforms.


Finding the best name for your company, brand, non profit or campaign

Finding the right name for your organization or brand is one of the most important jobs. Luckily it’s something that has been done over 330 million times! You can learn best practices from others who have done it before. There are a few simple rules that you should follow.

First, it should relate to your organization.  This is the best reason to register a .eco domain. Because .eco just launched, the chance that your name is still available is high.

A good name has these elements:


1. It's Short. Shorter is better. So is better than

2. There's no more than 3 letters after the dot. People are used to .com, net and .org names and anything that is more than 3 letters doesn’t look like a proper domain name to many people. You’re safe with .eco.

3. It's descriptive.  Many organisations register the categories they’re operating in and own names like,, or Owning a name like this is like owning the whole category, so these names are highly sought after.

4. It's unique. Your name needs to be recognizable in search results.

5. It's easy to spell. If you need to spell out a name when you tell your friends or colleagues, you should consider upgrading. Avoid dashes, underscores or other punctuation.  

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Company and Brand Names

Another thing to consider when coming up with a name for your company or brand is how well it translates internationally.  Does it work in multiple languages? Check out some translations with Google translate. Unlike "green" or "earth", eco is widely recognized around the world, even in Asia, as a commitment to the environment.

The best names will capture the thing that sets your company apart. Does it accurately represent the brand attributes that you’re trying to convey? Think about why you exist other than to make money. Is there a name that tells that story? 



Names for nonprofits should abide by the same general rules as companies and brands but should also align with the values of other constituents and stakeholders. Are there words that resonate with your stakeholders? Think about terms like "standards", "certification", "advocacy", "ethical", and "sustainability"


Many .eco members use their names for campaigns.  A .eco domain is eye-catching and immediately conveys a commitment to the environment. 

You should start by checking what hashtags and Google results are associated with your desired terms before you settle on a name. A little due diligence will go a long way. 

A .eco domain works well in web, email and social media campaigns. You can also point your .eco domain to your organization’s sustainability efforts or use it in email communications on matters relating to the planet. 

Consider a two or three letter .eco domain that you can use in social links instead of the default ''. It will convert better and tell your story. 

For a petition, don't rely on the default URL. Set a custom domain that you can use in messaging and redirect it to the petition page. 







Why do you exist

other than to make money?






Does your name tell your story?









Custom domains are powerful click tracking and petition tools.