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How Combined the Power of .eco and Shopify to Stand Out from the Crowd

Shopify knows that having a custom web address helps your business in search and ensures you stay top of mind.
Most importantly, it helps establish your brand.


The National Marketing Institute recently found that over 70% of consumers are more likely to buy if they believe in the company’s cause. No wonder that it’s becoming common for small business to connect with their community by sharing their values. You need to show you’re part of the community you’re trying to serve.


Until now, there hasn’t been a way to display your brand and values at the same. But what if your domain name could do it for you? That’s what discovered when they found out about the new .eco domain.

Koala’s founders Jessica Bragdon and Paul Davidson had high powered international careers before they started Koala Eco in 2017. They were driven by the feeling that their two young sons shouldn’t have to hold their breath every time their home got cleaned. Why was it so hard to find a suite of cleaning products that worked while being safe, stylish and eco-friendly?

Jessica and Paul saw an opportunity to tell that story using With this simple custom domain, they check all three of Shopify’s recommendations for basic online marketing:

1. Help your business in search by matching the name of your company exactly to the name of your domain.


2. Ensure you stay top of mind with a simple, memorable domain that works everywhere.


3. Share your values. By choosing “eco” as a domain, Koala instantly communicates that they care about the planet.

Pro Tips


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Over 500,000 businesses use Shopify to power their online stores. If you search for “green” on Shopify and you’ll get over 40,000 results. Many Shopify owners know that an eco-commitment can be the difference that makes a real connection.

To help their clients with this Shopify has published a quick and easy guide to making a green commitment. Last April they picked a list of 18 clients for theirEvery Day is Earth Daypost. chose to pair their .eco with Shopify for their online store. It’s amazing how seamlessly they work together. Koala Eco also has a great Instagram feed that uses the #shopify community tag so consumers know they can buy direct or through Koala Eco’s retail partners.

Everywhere, and every channel, including the traditional press, knows Koala Eco is a company that cares because of their .eco domain.

How to Set Up Your .eco Shopify Store


Setting up a .eco Shopify store (and story) is easy to do. At .eco, we partner with domain retailers that make life easier for entrepreneurs. United Domains, one of our largest partners, has a Shopify Connect</s0000;”>tool that we recommend.

Here’s How to Use it:


1.  Go to Shopify Connect,


2.  Register a .eco domain,


3. Set up a Shopify Account (or use your current one),


4. Add your custom .eco domain.


Once you’re done, let us know. We love to share stories about the entrepreneurs we support. Tweet us @doteco, or get in touch with us and we’ll profile you, just like we’ve profiled Koala Eco here. 

The first step is looking for a great .eco domain. Visit United Domain’s Shopify Connect service to get started.


Add the .eco Trustmark


An option many members take advantage of is the .eco Trustmark, which is usually added to a website’s footer. Trustmarks are badges that are hosted on the .eco Network and link back to your .eco Profile.

By putting a Trustmark on your site, your customers will be able to learn more about who you are and build a stronger relationship to your brand. You can create a .eco trustmark in seconds using this tool

Hundreds of .eco members are using the trustmark, including ethical Coin Start-up Charitex, Green living store Teros, and the International Environmental Communication Association


Search for ‘green’
on Shopify

and you’ll get over

40,000 results.