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How Re3 uses .eco and Facebook to reward companies for recycling

Did you know that over 51% of Australians recycle? They beat Europe’s 42% recycling rate. Aussies are one of the most recycling aware nations on earth. Groups like Re3 aim to drive that percentage even further with their Waste Wise Business Program.

The Brisbane Based Committee for Waste Reduction created a simple website using a .eco domain: They then embedded their Facebook feed onto the homepage to keep it current, and connected the site to Google maps so that anyone can find the closest recycling centre to them!

Signing up as a “waste wise” business means you’re getting access to the Re3 Facebook feed and to their mapping platform. The goal is to drive customers to companies that are actively engaged in recycling. It’s a simple solution using Facebook and .eco to reward companies that are “waste wise” with more profile. 

This option works well for Re3, because now content they post to Facebook is automatically also posted to This simplifies their content creation. It also means their content supports both their website search ranking and their Facebook community.

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How to use .eco with Facebook

It’s simple to connect .eco and Facebook and use your .eco for Groups, Ads, and News Feeds. Here’s how to do it:


Step 1: Choose a  .eco name.


Visit and search for short, meaningful name. It should be the name you are planning to use on all of your Facebook marketing. For example, if you have Facebook Group or Custom URL, you can pick a .eco domain that matches the name of your group or URL.


Step 2: Connect to Facebook:

You can do this one of two ways. You can:

A. Point your .eco to your Facebook page.
Most domain retailers have a ‘social sites’ option that allows you to point your .eco site to your Facebook page.

B. Put your Facebook feed on your .eco site.
This is the option Re3 used. Facebook has an embed news feed option that lets you cut and paste your Facebook feed into your website. Most website builders have this option built in.

Whatever option you choose, you will now have a consistent .eco brand and communications across the web and Facebook!